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       Can you weave a scent?



An exhibition and conversation with

Selinde Lanier
Katie Vie
Lisa Mandle


 On Thursday, October 9 Flow will host Synesthesia, an exhibition and roundtable discussion exploring the idea of entangled sense perceptions and its effect on the work of artists.

Weaver Selinde Lanier, aromatherapist Katie Vie and clothing designer/maker Lisa Mandle will speak about what happened when Selinde began the attempt to interpret Katie's seven annointing oils through woven texture -- in other words, began the attempt to weave a scent!

Weaver Selinde Lanier

In sessions over tea in Selinda's sunlit studio on the island, seven botanical fragrances begot seven weavings, luring scent into intimate collaboration with sight and touch.

                                  “This one coaxes, and would feel syrupy ..."

Aromatherapist Katie Vie

The project has resulted in a larger conversation among the three artists about how sense perception inspires and informs artists about the world in which they make their art.

Clothing designer/maker Lisa Mandle

To join the conversation, smell the fragrances, view the weavings, and sink into in a magical world of the senses and cross interpretations, join us at Flow October 9 from 5:30 - 7:30pm. With light food, drink and friendly people!